Ultrasonic cleaning

ASonic HOME series is
intended primarily for
domestic use, but can
also be used elsewhere.

ASonic PRO series is
the optimal choice
for advance and
professional use.

ASonic Industrial large
capacity ultrasonic cleaners
are intended for advanced
users and professionals who
need long-term cleaning
of larger objects.

ASonic ultrasonic cleaning detergents are  made specificly for ultrasonic cleaning. It is best to chose the right detergent for every application.


popular ultrasonic cleaners and detergents

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Limitless options

ultrasonic cleaner

Possibilities for use are limitless,
sizes from 0,75 to 2000 liters.

Stainless steel

Seamless panel housing is especially
relevant as it prevents water leakage.

Thorough cleaning

Cavitation process – formation of
microscopic bubbles in liquid.


Frequencies from 28 to 120 kHz provide
the best possible outcome for cleaning.


We clean, We restore, We revive


More things should be preserved and cleaned instead of replaced with new ones. Our idea is to give you the best option for your Home or Work environment.

Customer care

We offer full support and knowledge about ultrasonic cleaning. Our team is ready to improve your work and help you work more efficiently than ever.


Our focus is to listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide the exceptional level of Ultrasonic cleaning with a wide range of application.