ASonic Ultrasonic cleaners

Auto Moto

Many times we do not even think of cleaning things which are very hard to clean as it seems like it’s almost an impossible task.

With an ultrasonic cleaner it is not!

When it comes to cleaning car and engine parts one of the major issues is the oil and grease and the second biggest issue is the hard-to-reach areas. When using an ultrasonic cleaner this won’t be your concern anymore, as all you will have to do is to put the items which need cleaning into the basket, turn the cleaner on and leave it to do it’s job.

No matter how dirty the items are or how hidden are the contaminants on them, ultrasonic cleaner will get rid of all the dirt. All of our PRO models of ultrasonic cleaners have a timer which has up to 99 minutes of work time with an automatic switch-off and the temperature setting of up to 80°C.

Depending on the size of the items you would like to clean and the number of items you would like to clean at once you will be able to decide what size of an ultrasonic cleaner do you need.

Besides the cavitation which does most of the job whilst cleaning, we also have special cleaning solutions to be used in an ultrasonic cleaner for better results.

Oil and grease are hard to remove and sometimes no matter how many times you clean the item some of it still sticks to it. AS-CARB is a cleaning concentrate specially designed to remove carbon, grease, oil and general impurities from carburetors and engine parts made of brass, aluminium and sensitive materials.

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