ASonic Ultrasonic cleaners



Cleaning parts might not be the first association when you think of industry and manufacturing, but it is just as important and even harder to reach as in other fields of work. Tools and equipment used in industry, manufacturing and restoration can be very hard or sometimes even dangerous to clean.

Saws, blades and similar tools need specially careful handling when being cleaned and we use much more of our time when cleaning them as well. Besides this, we could have a huge number of them to clean and when cleaning them one by one it takes an enormous amount of time.

Other tools also have many hidden, hard-to-reach spots, where dirt and contaminants could be stuck. Many times there are oils, grease and other dirt left in those hidden spots and not removed as we might not even see them. This could eventually damage your equipment and have a negative effect on work, in the worst case could make the equipment unsafe to use.

Depending on what the equipment is used for it could also leave trace of dirt on the products or maybe change the shape and look of the final product, which would potentially affect our business.

When cleaning tools and equipment in an ultrasonic cleaner you won’t have to worry about these things. Ultrasonic cleaner will remove every hidden oil or grease leftovers and will make your tools safe and comfortable for use. There will be no more work safety hazards when cleaning saws or blades and you will save time when cleaning bigger amount of tools at once.

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