Ultrasonic cleaning concentrate AS-METAL-25 is alkaline high-performance concentrate. Due to its strong formulation this concentrate is great for removing of heavy contamination (incrustations, coking, oil carbon, soot, graphite, pigments and etc.).

EAN: 0699838946712


Professional cleaning concentrate for different metals

AS-METAL, 25 liters, heavy contamination remover

Designed to meet the hardest challenges, removing the hardest impurities such as burnt-in dirt.

Removes impurities such as:

  • burnt-in dirt (heavy coking, oil carbon);
  • oils, greases, corrosion protection oils, coolants and lubricants;
  • polishing, abrasive and adhesive residues, resins and waxes, lapping;
  • bitumen (“earth pitch”), asphalt, metal abrasion / chips, pigment dirt, soot and graphite;
  • emulsifiers.

Safe to use on:

Aluminium, stainless steel, glass, copper, PE/PP, PVC, steel, also good for EPDM and NBR/SBR.


Use a solution with water in a ratio of 4%. Depending on the degree of contamination you can use the dosage in a ratio of 3-5%.  Operating cleaning temperature is 50-70 °C. Change the cleaning solution in the ultrasonic cleaner regularly when it becomes dirty. Rinse with water after cleaning, otherwise cleaner residues will remain, making clean painting / electroplating more difficult.

We recommend to test the cleaning concentrate on an inconspicuous spot before use.

Samples of subjects which can be cleaned:

  • oil filters, pistons, cylinder heads, diesel injection pumps, carburettors, radiators;
  • turbochargers, wheel bearings, parts components in workshops and industry;
  • tool and mould cleaning (blind holes), injection moulds;
  • cutlery, precision stainless steel tubes and wire goods;
  • machine and component parts, equipment, screws, bulk material.

AS-METAL-25 is ideal for auto-moto industry! pH value > 13.

Cleaning process description

Ultrasonic cleaners use high frequency directed in a water bath and the operation of ultrasound produces tiny bubbles. The bubbles spread throughout the liquid and when they hit surface of the object they implode, releasing energy that removes impurities attached to the surface (even in the grooves, holes, notches and all other hard to reach places).

Carefully place the basket with items in ultrasonic cleaner. Fill the tank with mixture of distilled water and cleaning concentrate at desired rate. Fully submerge items for cleaning in the solution. Set the required temperature and activate the tank heater. Wait for liquid in tank to reach set temperature, and than set ultrasound timer in accordance with requirements of the cleaning process (usually it depends on the type and degree of soiling of cleaning item). Once cleaning is complete, wait for liquid to cool down and then carefully remove basket with items. Rinse items with clean water. Change bath regularly when the solution becomes dirty.


  • Use product only as directed on the label.
  • Keep out of reach from children.
  • Always test ultrasonic cleaning concentrates prior to new application on materials that you have not cleaned before.



Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Document


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