AS-METALPASS-1 Master Box (9 pcs)

AS-METALPASS-1 is a concentrated liquid agent for cleaning and passivating stainless, light and non-ferrous metals and materials.

EAN: 0699838946781


Professional ASonic concentrate for passivation, degreasing, removing rust and calcium carbonate

ASonic AS-METALPASS, 9 pcs x 1 liter, removes mineral greases, oils and is used for steels passivation

Designed as a biodegradable liquid, concentrated, medium acid detergent. The pH value of the concentrate is 1,6.

Removes impurities such as:

  • mineral greases and oils;
  • remains of polishing pastes;
  • oxide layers;
  • rust;
  • calcium carbonate.

Safe to use on:

Cleaning – stainless steel, light and non-ferrous metals and materials (prochrome, aluminum, copper, brass, glass, plastic, etc.).

Passivation – stainless steel, aluminum, as well as metals containing chromium.

AS-METALPASS-1 dosage:

Ultrasonic cleaning: make a solution of 2%  (till 5%, it depends on pollution degree) with deionized or demineralized water. The recommended temperature of the working solution is 30 – 80°C. We recommend to test the cleaning concentrate on an inconspicuous spot before use.

Passivation: make a solution of 10-20%. The working temperature is 30 – 80°C. Passivation time – 10-30 min. Passivation is recommended after cleaning the metal from protective layers (mineral grease or oil). For AlSl 316 steel, the required passivation time at the working solution temperature of 70°C is 20 minutes.

The passivation of stainless steels is based on the iron atoms removal from the object’s surface, and thus increasing the concentration of chromium atoms on the surface.


  • after cleaning, copper and brass are restored to their shine;
  • it does not contain phosphates or silicates.
  • this detergent is biodegradable and the used working solution can be discharged into the city sewer after neutralization.

Cleaning process description

Carefully place the basket with items in ultrasonic cleaner. Fill the tank with mixture of distilled water and cleaning concentrate at desired rate. Fully submerge items for cleaning in the solution. Set the required temperature and activate the tank heater. Wait for liquid in tank to reach set temperature, and than set ultrasound timer in accordance with requirements of the cleaning process. Once cleaning is complete, wait for liquid to cool down and then carefully remove basket with items. Rinse items with clean water. Change bath regularly when the solution becomes dirty. How ultrasonic cleaning works you can find here.


  • Use product only as directed on the label.
  • Keep out of reach from children.
  • Always test ultrasonic cleaning concentrates prior to new application on materials that you have not cleaned before.
  • Store in original sealed packages at temperatures from -5 to 30°C, protected from heat sources and direct sunlight.



Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Document


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