ASonic universal ultrasonic cleaning powder is specially formulated surface – active cleaner for rapid residue removal which can be completely rinsed after washing. It achieves its efficiency from its high pH and special surface active ingredients.

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Professional cleaning powder

AS-UCP-2000, powder for surgical instruments (2 kg)

AS-UCP-2000 powder is suitable for prolonged soaking of parts, tools, instruments and glassware, as well as longer periods of cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Removes impurities such as:

Dirt, grease, oils, stuck or dried blood, tissue residues…

Safe to use on:

Mechanical parts, tools, surgical instruments, glassware and other hard surfaces.

AS-UCP cleaning concentrates
Preparation and usage

Dissolve 25 grams in 5 L of warm water. Set up the working temperature at 50°C (can use 20°C – 70°C). Stir thoroughly. Immerse items and allow them to soak for at least five minutes. Rinse thoroughly before allowing to dry. For very heavily soiled items you can use 25 grams in 1L of water. An unused solution of the detergent can be kept for 7 days. If stored cold it may need warming to get a clear solution. If the solution is used, discard after 24 hours. ASonic universal cleaning powder solution is odorless and color is unlikely to disappear. Even if color disappears it remains an active cleanser.

Rinsing is an essential part of the cleaning process. Once dirt has been released from the surfaces being cleaned, it must be flushed away to avoid re-deposition. Radiation contamination may need up to five rinses. Any white deposit indicates that insufficient rinsing occurred before drying or that the rinse water needs softening. A white deposit is likely to be a mixture of insoluble calcium soaps and salts.

This powder is safe for use on many materials, although we recommend to test all ultrasonic cleaning concentrates prior to new application on materials that you have not cleaned before, or contact us for further information.


More information

ASonic universal cleaning powder is especially suitable for use with ultrasonic cleaners as surface tension holding dirt to surfaces is lowered. It is suitable for prolonged soaking of parts, tools, instruments and glassware. Some soft metals, such as aluminum and zinc, can become etched. We do not recommend the use of ASonic universal cleaning powder in automatic washers.

ASonic universal cleaning powder is not a disinfectant. It just removes residues, which may contain microorganisms, from hard surfaces. ASonic universal cleaning powder, removes dirt and is completely washable, thus rendering instruments uncontaminated and ready for sterilization.


  • Use product only as directed on the label.
  • Keep out of reach from children.
  • Always test ultrasonic cleaning concentrates prior to new application on materials that you have not cleaned before.



Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Document


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