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Ultrasonic cleaning in Auto Moto Industry

Automobile and motorcycle parts can get very greasy and awfully dirty, from different kinds of oil and dust.


Ultrasonic cleaning plays a significant role in the automotive and motorcycle (auto moto) industry, offering an effective and efficient method for cleaning various parts and components. The technology utilizes high-frequency sound waves to create microscopic bubbles in a cleaning solution, which implode near the surface of the objects being cleaned, removing dirt, grease, oil, and other contaminants.

Here’s how ultrasonic cleaning is utilized in the auto moto industry:

  1. Engine Parts: Ultrasonic cleaning is widely employed to clean engine parts such as carburetors, fuel injectors, intake valves, pistons, cylinder heads, and engine blocks. It effectively removes carbon deposits, oil residue, and other contaminants, restoring optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

  2. Brake Components: Brake parts, including brake calipers, pads, rotors, and drums, can accumulate brake dust, grime, and grease. Ultrasonic cleaning efficiently removes these contaminants, enhancing braking performance and safety.

  3. Fuel System Components: Ultrasonic cleaning is commonly used to clean fuel system components such as fuel injectors, fuel rails, and fuel filters. It helps remove varnish, carbon deposits, and other contaminants that can obstruct fuel flow and reduce engine efficiency.

  4. Transmission Parts: Ultrasonic cleaning is effective for cleaning transmission components, including clutch plates, gears, bearings, and valve bodies. It removes accumulated dirt, metal shavings, and contaminants, ensuring smooth gear shifts and prolonging the lifespan of the transmission.

  5. Radiators and Heat Exchangers: Ultrasonic cleaning is employed to clean radiators, heat exchangers, and cooling system components. It removes scale, mineral deposits, rust, and other contaminants that can hinder heat transfer and cooling efficiency.

  6. Small Parts and Fasteners: Ultrasonic cleaning is ideal for cleaning small parts, nuts, bolts, screws, and other fasteners. It efficiently removes dirt, oil, and rust, improving their functionality and facilitating assembly.

  7. Electrical Components: Ultrasonic cleaning can safely clean electrical components such as connectors, relays, switches, and circuit boards. It removes dust, debris, flux residues, and other contaminants that can interfere with electrical conductivity and cause malfunctions.

  8. Interior and Upholstery: Ultrasonic cleaning is utilized for cleaning automotive interiors, including upholstery, carpets, and headliners. It effectively removes stains, dirt, and odors, restoring a fresh and clean appearance.



Before and after cleaning 








Ultrasonic cleaning offers several benefits in the auto moto industry, including thorough cleaning of intricate parts and components, reduced labor costs, and improved efficiency. However, it’s important to consider the specific requirements and limitations of different materials and components. Following manufacturer guidelines, industry standards, and safety practices is essential to ensure proper and safe use of ultrasonic cleaning systems in the auto moto industry.

The performance of the Asonic Ultrasonic Car Parts Cleaner is outstanding. Oil, grease and rust are removed quickly and efficiently. The ultrasonic cleaner is specially designed to clean all types of engine-related components: blocks, cylinder heads, turbochargers, injectors, radiators, filters, brakes, gearboxes, etc.

In diesel injection maintenance workshops, cleanliness plays an important role in both the quality of the end result and productivity. Ultrasonic cleaning of diesel engines is ideal for these workshops as it allows pumps to be cleaned in less than 10-15 minutes without having to dismantle them. After that, it takes only 10 minutes to make absolutely sure that all internal channels are completely clean. In this case we are able to avoid the typical problem that arises when a repair is carried out without proper cleaning.

Regardless of the type of grinding or the part to be machined, our ultrasonic cleaning device ensures a flawless finish and precision in the grinding industry. It effectively removes slag, oil and grease, and common residues found in cylinder heads and blocks. The use of ultrasonic cleaning significantly reduces the time spent cleaning, achieving the highest quality and avoiding the use of acids, bru

shes and blasting, simplifying the cleaning process and eliminating the bottlenecks.

Turbocharger cleaning: our ultrasonic cleaning machine is the fastest and most efficient solution for turbocharger rebuilders, removing slag and burnt oils no matter how complex the turbocharger structure is. It also allows multiple turbochargers to be cleaned in the same process, improving quality and production time compared to traditional processes.

No matter how dirty the items are or how hidden are the contaminants on them, ultrasonic cleaner will get rid of all dirt. All of our PRO models of ultrasonic cleaners have a timer which has up to 99 minutes of work time. Featuring an automatic switch-off and the temperature setting of up to 80°C.

Depending on the size and number of items you would like to clean simultaneously, you will be able to decide on the size of an ultrasonic cleaner.

Cavitation which does most of the job when cleaning, we also have special cleaning solutions. They are to be used in an ultrasonic cleaner for faster cleaning and better results.


Oil and grease are hard to remove and sometimes no matter how many times you clean the item some of it still sticks to it. AS-CARB is a cleaning concentrate especially designed to remove carbon, grease, oil and general impurities. With this concentrate cleaning carburetors and engine parts made of brass, aluminium and other sensitive materials is fast and efficiant.

Cleaning concentrates

ASonic ultrasonic cleaning concentrates have specialized chemical composition which boosts the cleaning process and need to be used according to the special needs of the parts to be cleaned.
ASonic ultrasonic cleaning concentrates are designed not only for professional/industrial use, but hobbyist use as well.


Type of impurity

Cleaning material

Dilution %

Recommended temp.


Oil, grease, dust, general impurities

Metals, alloys, plastics, rubber, ceramic or glass components




Oil, grease, dust, general impurities

Metals, alloys, plastics, rubber, ceramic or glass components




Carbon, grease and general impurities

Carbon and engine parts from brass, aluminium and sensitive materials




Oxidation, general impurities, carbon and grease

Iron, copper, tin, aluminium and stainless steel




Oil, fats, lubricants, grease in general impurities

Brass, aluminium, tin and different alloys



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