Gun cleaning

Gun cleaning

Gun Cleaning: The Future of Firearms Maintenance

In the world of the firearms industry, where accuracy and reliability mean the difference between success and failure, firearms maintenance is critical. Traditional gun cleaning methods face challenges brought by the increasing complexity of modern designs. However, we are entering a new era of weapon maintenance with the help of advanced technology – ultrasonic cleaning.

A new era of weapon refinement

With the help of an ultrasonic cleaner and cleaning concentrates, we have brought to the fore an innovation that goes beyond the traditional cleaning method.

 Before and After cleaning

gun cleaning with učltrasound

Understanding Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is based on the principle of high-frequency sound waves that create microscopic bubbles in the cleaning liquid. These bubbles then collapse, removing impurities, grease and debris from the gun. The key advantage of this method is the ability to clean even the smallest particles in the most difficult-to-reach places of the weapon.

Advantages of ultrasonic gun cleaning

  • Accuracy and Reliability

Ultrasonic cleaning ensures a high level of precision in the removal of impurities. This is especially important in maintaining optimal weapon performance and preventing malfunctions.

  • Weapon Durability

Regular cleaning with the help of ultrasound extends the life of the weapon, which is the key to maintaining the value of the investment. It reduces wear and prevents the accumulation of debris that could affect performance.

  • Fast and Efficient

Due to the high frequency of sound and precise cleaning technology, ultrasonic cleaning enables quick and efficient maintenance of weapons. This helps reduce the time you spend on equipment maintenance.

Use of ultrasonic cleaners in practice

Ultrasonic cleaning is suitable for various parts of weapons, including cleaning:

  • Pistol and Rifle: For precise cleaning of barrels, magazines, brass and other parts
  • Tools for Ammunition: Including cartridges, which allows reliable magazines to be reloaded
  • Optical aids: For gentle cleaning of lenses and other optical components

gun parts cleaning

gun brass cleaning

Gun brass before and after cleaning


ASONIC ultrasonic cleaners and cleaning concentrates

At Asonic, we are proud of our wide range of ultrasonic cleaners and cleaning concentrates adapted to the needs of the arms industry. Our devices are designed for ease of use, durability and optimal cleaning.

The most suitable ultrasonic cleaners are from PRO series-40kHz:

Asonic ultrasonic cleaner

ASONIC PRO-50 Professional ultrasonic cleaner with a volume of 3.5 liters, ideal for cleaning smaller weapons with a basket size of 270×145×75 mm.

The PRO-50 model has separate time adjustment from 1 to 99 minutes, heating up to 80°C, and automatic shutdown. A great choice for a wide range of applications, as you can set the optimal ratio between temperature and time to clean your items.

The ultrasonic frequency of 40 kHz ensures a thorough but gentle cleaning. Suitable for items with many cracks and small dents. Due to the smaller bubbles, with less energy but higher density, this frequency is particularly suitable for softer metals, plastics and objects with a polished surface.

The ultrasonic power of 120W ensures a sufficiently high number of bubbles for fast and efficient cleaning of a huge number of objects in the ultrasonic cleaner.

Ultrasonic cleaner for longer barrels and guns ASONIC PRO-300XL

ultrasonic cleaner gun cleaning in ultrasonic cleaner

PRO-300xl-Professional ultrasonic cleaner with a volume of 29 liters, with a basket size of 890×190×115 mm.

PRO-300xl The largest unit in our basic PRO series powered by 10 transducers, made to take on a wide range of challenges. Whether you are looking for a cleaner with enough capacity to clean a larger amount of smaller items, or the basket size is big enough for larger items, this model is the right choice. Like all of our models in PRO series it has a separate adjustment of timer, from 1 to 99 minutes. Auto switch off and temperature setting of up to 80°C.

Ultrasonic frequency of 40kHz provides thorough but gentle cleaning which is appropriate for objects with many cracks, crevices and small indentations. Due to the smaller bubbles, with less energy but higher density, this frequency is especially suitable for softer metals, plastics and objects with a polished surface.


ASonic also offers a wide range of suitable cleaning concentrates, which together with the ultrasonic cleaner increase the cleaning efficiency. We offer a cleaning concentrate for cleaning various parts of weapons and casings AS-SENS and cleaner for aluminum parts: AS-CARB.

AS-SENS – Concentrate for ultrasonic cleaning of sensitive metals and objects is strong and low-alkaline. Due to its special formula, this concentrate is excellent for removing impurities from all sensitive objects.

AS-CARB- Concentrate for ultrasonic cleaning of weapon parts made of aluminum and similar metal alloys. Due to its special formula, this concentrate is excellent for removing general dirt, carbon and grease.

Cleaning Your Firearm

Cleaning Steps:
  1. After calculating the chemistry and degassing the solution, disassemble your firearm and place parts in the basket
  2. Place basket in ultrasonic cleaning zone to remove soils and set a timer for 10 minutes
  3. Replace the liquid with mineralized water and soak the weapon for 2 minutes in the liquid to remove the remaining agent.
  4. Depending on the level of dirt on the firearm additional cleaning may be necessary.  Repeat cleaning if needed.

The future of gun maintenance

Ultrasonic cleaning of weapons represents an advanced solution for the demanding needs of the modern weapons industry. At Asonic, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge technological innovations that enable your equipment to have a long life and flawless performance.

For more information about our ultrasonic cleaners and cleaning concentrates, contact us at

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