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How to clean baby toys in ultrasonic cleaner

Babies are living their (and dare we say everyones) wildest dreams by always exploring their environment. Tasting and touching every toy in the room and not having a care in the world. Although extremely fun and exciting, this can take a toll on their health because they can easily pick up germs and illness. Cleaning baby toys is very important and can be quite easy.

So how to clean your baby’s gear safely and thoroughly?

When you think about what kind of cleaning should be provided to baby gear you think of removing all the bacteria, contaminants and dirt from every hidden place on the items your baby is using, right?

Ultrasonic cleaners are the safest cleaning tool that you can use without worrying about any side effect on your kids.

Why is it so important to clean baby’s gears?

Since toddlers and babies touch everything in their environment, put their hand inside the mouth, and touch the items again they can transfer germs very easily. If you do not watch them carefully they would drop the items on the floor and still put it back in their mouth. All this process means your kids are always having contact with germs, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Toys are the most vulnerable to contaminants, according to research and they are a great channel for viral disease transmission among kids.

Now we should not forget that some germs are good as they help babies build their immune system. Once the body is infected by a specific virus, it learns how to make antibodies to fight it. The next time it’s exposed, the body can fight it off without getting an infection. That said, you never want to deliberately expose your child to bacteria or viruses. If you use a safe cleaning tool to disinfect, wash and clean the baby gear, you will be creating a safe environment for them.

What is the safest cleaning tool for your baby’s gear?

There are lots of suggestions on best choices for safe cleaners for baby equipment from different brands and persons. Most of the brands concentrate on the »natural« ways of cleaning. What exactly do they consider under the term »natural«?

A big amount of the so-called natural cleaning tools are often combined with synthetics and toxins. No doubt there are some cleaning concentrates and cleaners which are safe to use, but the safest cleaning tool is an ultrasonic cleaner. Let us explain to you why:

Cleaning becomes faster and simpler

Picking your baby items one after another to wash them can be very time consuming.

With an ultrasonic cleaner you can wash and clean more than one toy at a time. Depending on the size of the ultrasonic cleaner’s tank, you can clean more items together. The bigger the ultrasonic cleaner you use the higher the amount of the items you can wash. It means you will be able to save time.

Eco-friendly product

Many of the cleaning methods that people use contribute to environmental issues.

With ultrasonic cleaners there is no harsh chemicals, no extra charge on water and energy bills, and no extended and repeated wash cycles.

Ultrasonic cleaners reduce contaminants greatly

When your kid’s toys are dirty, you most likely wash them in washing machines, dishwashers or under running water. Have you ever thought about if you have been able to get rid of most of the harmful germs on them?

Cleaning with these tools does not guarantee that you will be able to remove a larger percentage of the contaminants. Traditional cleaning methods usually don’t kill a significant percentage of bacterial and other contaminants. But the ultrasonic cleaners get rid of more than 99.9% of germs and contaminants. Unlike traditional cleaning tools, ultrasonic cleaners don’t allow contaminants to cling on toys, clothes, and other baby products after washing them.

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Ultrasonic cleaners reach all the hidden areas on toys and tools

Most of the toys and tools with hidden areas tend to house contaminants such as bacteria and dirt without you noticing. Even if you wash them, you may not be able to get rid of the contaminants, especially in the most hidden parts.

Traditional cleaning methods eliminate contaminants from the easy to reach areas only. As for the ultrasonic cleaners, they also work on the areas that are difficult to reach. The cavitation processes of the ultrasonic cleaners reach the parts that are extremely difficult to wash and clean with the usual cleaning methods.

Toys don’t have to be disassembled

Toys and tools may have to be disassembled when being washed under running water or in a dishwasher to get every part cleaned and washed properly. This takes more time and it could also damage the toys and tools.

As for the the ultrasonic cleaners, you don’t need to disassemble any of the toys before you get them cleaned. All you need is to drop them in the ultrasonic cleaning machine tank and leave the ultrasonic cleaner to do its job.

Cleaning is gentle and doesn’t harm the items

The ultrasonic cleaners do their cleaning in a gentle and does not leave any marks on the items.

No matter how contaminated the items are, an ultrasonic cleaner will get rid of the dirt and bacteria on the tools and toys. The bubbles from the cavitation process will attack every single contaminant immediately after the items are put in the ultrasonic cleaner.

They can be used for practically everything

This cleaning tool is not only a baby safe cleaner; it is also very useful for cleaning basically anything you want to have properly cleaned. After using the ultrasonic cleaner to clean your kid’s items, you can also use it to wash:

  • your clothes,
  • jewelry,
  • food items such as veggies and fruits,
  • kitchenware,
  • and many more.


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