ASonic Ultrasonic cleaners

ultrasonic cleaningWhat you can clean

What you can clean

One of the most common questions about ultrasonic cleaning is “What can you actually clean with an ultrasonic cleaner?”

For people who don’t know much about ultrasonic technology and how an ultrasonic cleaner actually works it might seem like there are only specific items that can be cleaned with it. Well this is actually the exact opposite to what an ultrasonic cleaner is. It is one of the most multifunctional machines you will ever come across when it comes to cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaner can be used for cleaning pretty much anything you need to clean, from baby gear, toys, watch straps, jewellery, coins, keys, glasses, and lenses to small tools, cutlery, fountain pens, golf clubs, electronic equipment, dental instruments, surgical instruments, makeup brushes, razors, bigger tools and equipment and many more.

The shortest and simplest way to answer “What can you actually clean with an ultrasonic cleaner?” is to tell you what you CAN’T clean.

There are only two main categories of items which can’t be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning: items which shouldn’t be submerged in water because the liquid will damage them and items which can’t be easily dried. That’s it. Everything else can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.

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